When it comes to video, I’m not exactly Bowie. Or even Corey Hart. Who? Exactly.

But I’ve made a few appearances on the tiny screen, and I plan to make more. To get the pump primed, below are a collection of videos I’ve been in. Some are promotional, as in the Downtown Sacramento Partnership’s 2011 video about downtown Sacramento, some are of me playing music, some are of other people playing my music (think: Mumbo Gumbo) and some are of a more journalistic nature, especially my appearance with Michael Ault on Scott Syphax’s “Studio Sacramento,” or my appearance in the Sacramento Rock History special, both of which aired on KVIE-6, Sacramento’s public television station.

Whatever the event, and whatever state my hair is currently in, these are the video clips I’ve been in so far. There will be more.

Watch The Future of Downtown Sacramento on PBS. See more from KVIE.

This five minute video, in which I appear with some movers and shakers (including new roommate Steve Hansen!) discussing downtown Sacramento, was first show at the State of the Downtown presentation in January of 2011.

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