Scott Lebar


“I miss working with David Watts Barton. David and I worked together at The Sacramento Bee for more than 20 years, until he departed in 2007 to pursue other varied ventures in the world of journalism and multimedia. For many of those years, I was his editor, enjoying his abilities to bring stories and commentary to life. I was sad to see him go – top-notch intellects combined with writing chops and a keen sense of observation aren’t easy to find – but happy he continued to find arenas to express himself and develop other skills in writing, broadcast, editing and management. David continually moves forward and I recommend him highly. He combines experience with vision – also hard to find. With David, you not only will enjoy the work he provides, but the conversations that yield it. That is the beauty of his intellectual capital – invest in him, his presence can elevate the work of others.”

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