Gary Pruitt


“Even as a young journalist, David was articulate, fair, knowledgable and unafraid to make the tough calls. As I have watched his career over nearly 30 years and gotten to know him personally, I have been consistently pleased, and even occasionally surprised, by his growth as a reporter, writer and person.

“When David left McClatchy in 2007, it was not with a buyout or to take a better-paying job. What he was looking for was change, growth and new challenges, and he has found all of that and more in the four years since. So, after nearly 25 years at the same paper, he simply jumped. Which means that, among other things, he is courageous and creative as well as talented.

“During the subsequent four years, he has shone brightly. Even after a short time in radio, he sounds like a natural, and as Editor-in-Chief of The Sacramento Press he brought credibility, integrity and quality to a tiny start up. And through it all, Barton has maintained his typically upbeat, cooperative, open-minded and engaging attitude. He has proven that he has the smarts, skills and work ethic to do well at whatever he takes on.”


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