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The blog is started! I’ve had a hit-and-miss relationship with blogging, but I write every day, without fail, for myself  – always have. I’m a writer. So I’m going to post every day. I hope you’re a reader.

I mentioned in my maiden blog post yesterday that I’m working on a lot of projects, so I thought I’d lay them out here today, briefly (for me), so you have an idea of what I’ll be digging into. At a minimum.

I came back to Sacramento for the winter because I wanted to do a bunch of creative things, and health-related things, and also claw my way out of credit card debt. I was moving solidly forward on all counts until the pandemic came. Now, after the initial shock, and the brief, literal dislocation of being unsure of where I was going to ride this monster out, I find myself in a better situation than I could have imagined.

Life really can be a case of one door shuts, another door opens. In fact, if you have some faith, every door shutting leads to another opening, usually onto something better than you could have imagined. That’s been my experience, anyway.

Which means that after adjusting to my new circumstances, I’m ready to get to work. I have some freelance work to do, and the blog, but there are several other things I have been working on this winter…and now, spring.

One is the completion of my first book, which is slated for publication by Stone Bridge Press in January 2021. I am going on the assumption that this is still the date, and I will let you know when it is actually in production. The cover is done, the book is written, now there are just things like the bibliography and photo captions and perhaps index to do. I will be publishing related material on this blog.

The second is a passion project website I started at the beginning of the year, and have been building all winter. It’s called www.music1967.com, and it’s a week-by-week, in-depth look at music and culture during that crucial year. It was actually written as a book, or a good portion of a book, but my New York agent couldn’t find a publisher. The 50 year anniversary came and went, and the project quietly died.

But I have done research on this project since I first conceived it in 2005, and I have a ton of information that I am determined to share. I LOVE this project. I have started a lot of projects that have fallen by the wayside, but that I still feel compelled to finish – this is one of them. The website is actually much better than a book could ever have been, because I can post videos, photos, and when I get around to it, Spotify playlists and Amazon affiliate links.

I have been posting each week’s story for the corresponding week in 1967 during the same week in 2020. In other words, the first week of 1967, Jan. 1-7, I posted on the first day of that week in 2020, which as it happens this year is a Wednesday. So by the time you read this, I will have put up Week 12 (last week’s post), which was delayed by all the craziness of last week. And tomorrow I’ll be back in the swing with Week 13, which I will try to blog about tomorrow.

And playing my own music has, over the course of practicing for Saturday’s show, become more important than it had been. I love my songs, and I feel more confident as a singer and player (though still well aware of my limitations). So I’m going to be playing with ways to present them, and ultimately, when it’s safe, by going into the studio to record a follow up to my long-ago debut album, Straight. (Also streaming at Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube and elsewhere.)

So…that’s the plan. Mostly, this blog will be about my wonderful life, then and now, stories and travels and places and, most important as always, the people I meet. Containing all of this in one spot seems impossible, or perhaps just ill-advised, but as best I can I will use this blog as a way to connect all of them together, and to you.


I think I will finish this with some boilerplate that I need to keep putting out there in order to really make this work:

If you want to get notifications from me about what I’m posting here and there, I can send you texts. Just text davidwattsbarton to 31996. Your name won’t show up unless you enter it, just your number.

My Venmo (for contributions) is @davidwattsbarton

My PayPal is paypal.me/davidwattsbarton 

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Comments Off on What I’m working on now


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