Jul 8, 2020

I wrote a song a long time ago, never really performed, a samba called “Choosing Lonely.” It was about feeling lonely, specifically lonely for love, but in my typically analytical mind-set, I framed it as a choice: It’s all in how you see it: Choosing/To be lonely/When you’re only alone/That’s a foolish game… That came […]


Jul 6, 2020

Who hasn’t seen it and wanted it? For whom is such a vision not inspiring?  What is it about a house on a hill?  My whole life I’ve heard stories about men meeting particular women and telling a friend, “I just met the woman I’m going to marry.” Sometimes in life there is that certainty. […]


Jul 3, 2020

There are many ways in which I am a typical American, and there are ways in which I am a hyper-American: My love of personal freedom is an example. Now, everyone loves their freedom in the abstract, or in concrete ways like freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom to own assault rifles… But besides […]


Jul 2, 2020

It’s week 27 of 2020, which means that we’re starting the second half of music1967.com with Week 27: The Beatles, Stones, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Monkees and The Who get the focus – along with big trouble in the British Empire. The Beatles saw the end of the first half of the year with a live(ish) […]


May 18, 2020

There’s so much going on right now, the world is in crisis, so much is in flux, so much depends on the decisions made by so many, the future is so uncertain. We literally don’t know what the world will look like in a month, let alone six months, let alone a year. It’s overwhelming. […]


May 16, 2020

A friend just asked me where I’m going next. Boy, that really did it.  I’ve been answering that question for the last six years now, and the answer has always been fun – for me to say, and for my friends to hear: “Kyoto!” “Berlin!” “Bologna!” Or even better, “Kyoto, then Berlin, then Bologna!”  My […]


May 14, 2020

We’re already at week 20 of 2020, which means it’s time to post another week of my ongoing music history project, music1967.com! Week 20 of 1967 explores what Bob Dylan and his band The Hawks were doing during the spring and summer of 1967. Dylan had been in a motorcycle accident the prior summer, and […]


May 13, 2020

I was supposed to be landing in Barcelona today. Then I was supposed to be heading back to do another 500 mile walk through Spain. Then I was supposed to be in Italy, seeing loved ones. Then I was supposed to be with a friend in a summer house on the Black Sea, outside of […]


May 10, 2020

Little Richard. That’s a big one. It doesn’t affect me as much as the deaths of others would, but I wanted to say something anyway, because he affected people who affected me a LOT. So, here’s My Little Richard tribute, in five covers: The first, of course, was The Beatles. Paul McCartney could match Little […]

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