Mar 7, 2006

By David Watts Barton, The Sacramento Bee, March 7, 2006 Tower Records has seen better days. Everyone knows it. Russ Solomon certainly knows it. Solomon launched Tower in 1960 out of his dad’s pharmacy in the Tower Theatre building at 16th and Broadway. He built the company into the most influential record chain in the […]


Nov 13, 2005

You’d think that people would have had enough of Paul McCartney. But you look around you and you see it isn’t so. With a sold-out show at Arco Arena on Wednesday, yet another album in the Billboard Top 40 and a seemingly endless stream of books being published about his first band, the Beatles, McCartney is the object of enduring interest, especially for baby boomers who grew up with the Fab Four.


Sep 5, 2005

When she set out to hike 200 miles of the John Muir Trail, Anne Arthur, 57, wasn’t aiming to make a statement. She just wanted to go on a hike, the kind she and her husband had planned to do. “We’d been trying to get back to backpacking,” she says of her hiking plans with her husband of 22 years, Jeff. “It was an activity in which we both felt alive; it was something that we shared.” But that was before Jeff, 58, died unexpectedly last November. And before Anne was forced to think about her life and her dreams in a new light.


Mar 28, 2003

Seated in a wheelchair with a small computer monitor mounted in front of him, Hawking is an unpreposessing figure. Disabled since the age of 21 with Lou Gehrig’s disease – amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) – he could easily be one of life’s casualties, invisible to all. But Hawking, 61, is, like Gehrig, a hero to millions.


Nov 25, 2001

It may not look like much, this tiny house set behind a low cyclone fence in a low-income Sacramento neighborhood south of City College, but it is a dream home. It was a dream without a dreamer. Or so some thought.


Nov 5, 2000

For violinist Jaime Smith, the words “family” and “music” have always been virtually interchangeable. Smith, now 24, has followed music wherever it would take her: first to the position of concertmaster of the Sacramento Youth Symphony; then to Boston, where she studied at the New England Conservatory of Music; then to Athens, Greece, on a Fulbright scholarship, where for the past year she studied and made friends and a new life, full of the Greek music she loves. And on Sept. 25, music led her into the path of a speeding car.


Jul 9, 1997

While its motto “There Are No Rules!” is hyperbole – there are rules against eye-gouging, biting and “fish-hooking” (Worsham’s street-fighting technique of ripping the mouth open) – ultimate fighting is certainly a more unrestrained sort of sport fighting than most people have ever seen.


Feb 15, 1996

Ask Kurt Vonnegut how it feels to be immortalized on a shopping bag, and he doesn’t hesitate. “It feels as though I should be dead, ” he deadpans wearily. Although his literary profile has been low since his heyday in the ’60s and ’70s, when he was one of America’s most popular and influential novelists, the 73-year-old writer is quite alive and still writing.

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