May 7, 2020

I have always loved having my town bike to cruise around, especially in central Sacramento, which is really made for it. I tried to ride a lot when I lived in Manhattan, but it was far too nerve-racking…and I lived half a block from Central Park! When I moved downtown, it was harder. Brooklyn is […]


May 6, 2020

Week 19 of my week-by-week history of music and culture in 1967 is now up at – and it’s a doozy! This week in 1967, from May 7-13, takes us back to London, England, where rock acts both established and new are everywhere, from the airwaves to the concert stages to a small town […]


May 5, 2020

Ki is possibly the most powerful, useful and even quintessentially Japanese word in the Japanese language. Familiar to everyone from fans of modern manga to practitioners of ancient Aikido, alone or in combination with other syllables, ki can mean many things.


May 4, 2020

I am severely limiting my C-19 reading, and online chat, because I find it makes me happier, and because there’s even less that I can do about this disaster than previous disasters I have fretted over. I follow the science, and let others get engaged in the opinion game. It’s working. Generally. I have a […]


Apr 30, 2020

Sooo…some days, right? I have generally thrived under “lockdown” or “quarantine,” or whatever other wholly-inadequate words are being used to describe the quite-reasonable advice for us to stay a safe distance from anyone who might have The Virus, since…that’s all of us. And keeping ourselves away from others keeps others safe, too. All good.  The […]


Apr 29, 2020

Week 18 of, a week by week history of music’s crucial year, takes us to the so-called Chitlin’ Circuit, which in 1967 featured some of the biggest, most important acts music has ever seen, not least of them being Ike and Tina Turner and Mr. Showbiz himself, James Brown. Week 18, covering April 3touches […]


Apr 28, 2020

My forthcoming book on Japanese art, history, culture and food, Japan from Anime to Zen, will be published by Stone Bridge Press in January 2021. Every Tuesday in 2020 I will post a teaser from the book, to entice you to preorder a copy on Amazon! This would make me very happy. In case you’re […]


Apr 27, 2020

A woman of my acquaintance posted on Instagram the other day about how she has started drinking again after some time off. It makes me wonder how many people are succumbing to the stresses of this moment by reverting to old coping, self-soothing reflexes that don’t serve them. Count me in that number, if only […]


Apr 24, 2020

As I am frequently caught up in the history of 1967, there is a character who pops up again and again: Marianne Faithfull. Known to most as Mick Jagger’s girlfriend – she was the “naked girl in the fur rug” when Jagger and Richards were busted on February 12, as detailed in Week Six: February […]

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