I live a distributed, multi-faceted life. I travel through the year to various locales, both familiar and strange, and my work follows suit: I work as a journalist and play as a musician; I blog daily about life and curate a music history website; and I pursue fitness and spiritual goals through regular retreats and excursions. Please join me. 


I am a writer. I have been a journalist, blogger, monologuist, radio talk show host, historian, podcaster and singer/songwriter, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to writing.

My writing has ranged all over the map, from criticism to reporting, from a theatrical monologue to songwriting, blogging to podcasting. My topics are centered on culture, but I’ve also covered everything from travel to outdoor recreation to sexuality to legal matters. 

Music is my first love, and my strongest expertise; a good portion of my career has been writing about music, as well as writing music myself. I’ve recorded one album, Straight. I am working towards the creation and release of a second album.

My current writing project is a music history project, a website called music1967.com, a week-by-week history of music’s crucial year. Most of my writing is focused on that site now.

Most, that is, except for my writing on Japanese culture! I have a book coming out in January 2021 about that amazing country. It’s called Japan From Anime to Zen, and it will be published by Stone Bridge Press. It is available for preorder now on Amazon.

My interest in Japan arose out of my travels, which have taken me there every spring and fall for several years, along with trips to Europe and other destinations in Asia. But as COVID-19 advanced across the world in winter 2020, I ceased my travel, took refuge in my hometown of Sacramento, California, and have finally added another writing format to my world: A blog. On it, I address the above topics, as well as more personal thoughts that arise during this unprecedented year. I am blogging daily, along with my ongoing freelance work for periodicals and online.

My freelance writing continues in various media. I am working with a website in Japan, japanology.com, as well as magazines, newspapers and localtalentlive.com, a website that is helping my fellow musicians get their live webcasts to a wider audience.

I am also available for content marketing and narrative strategies work. I have written for luxury brands in Japan and the website www.localtalentlive.com in the U.S., as well as for the luxury branding company HI(NY) in New York City.



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